Agents Uncover Treasures of the South Pacific


This Wednesday in Sydney, agents gathered for a ‘Treasures of the South Pacific’ workshop to promote and educate industry experts on the region’s different tourism markets.

The South Pacific Specialist Programme, the online training programme for travel agents, was the focus of the two-day workshop.

It aimed to promote the programme to retail travel agencies and tour wholesalers, as well as motivate audiences to acquire wider understanding of the various South Pacific market destinations and encourage them to include these within their sales pitch to clients.

Represented destinations included the Cook Islands, New Caledonia, Samoa, Niue, the Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Norfolk Islands and Papua New Guinea.

“We had over 100 agents last night which proved a great success as it was our first agent seminar in Sydney CBD,” the ever-entertaining MC for the night Greg Maloney said.

Niue Tourism’s Richard Skewes added that in all his time working for the country, he’d “never had a complaint,” with the event an integral step to getting the word out about the region.

Treasures  of the South Pacific Incorporated’s president Richard Hankin added that it was a vital event to host in order to boost tourism to the South Pacific.

“We couldn’t host an event like this on our own, so working together has provided a great opportunity to market ourselves to more agents,” he said.

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