Tourism Campaign Highlights Australia’s Aquatic Side


Following a downturn in online searches for Australian beaches and waterways, Tourism Australia has chosen a dozen sites to try to reignite interest in aquatic and coastal experiences.

Every state and territory will be featured in some way, but locations in Queensland and South Australia will dominate the promotion.

Australia was increasingly facing “stiff competition from countries such as South Africa, Hawaii and the US, which were all raising their game,” said Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan.

Gold Coast Beach, Australia

Gold Coast Beach, Australia

He added that “aquatic and coastal experiences have always been an important part of the Australia story, but they’ve never before taken centre stage.”

Other locations being used to entice overseas visitors are Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Sydney Harbour, Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory and Victoria’s Twelve Apostles.

The production and filming is expected to cost around $5 million. Tourism Australia will then spend another $40 million rolling out the campaign in key markets such as China, the US, the UK, New Zealand and Japan.



Tourism and Events Queensland CEO Leanne Coddington said the state’s aquatic and coastal experiences were worthy of a place on the world stage.

“From surfing the white sandy stretches of the Gold Coast to sailing the Whitsundays and diving the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland has the best aquatic and coastal experiences in the world,” said Ms Coddington.

“We want to inspire global travellers to come here for authentic and amazing experiences you wouldn’t get anywhere else, and to share them with family and friends.”

South Australian Tourism Minister Leon Bignell added that their coastline was among the state’s greatest assets.

“Our coasts and clean waters provide some of the world’s best seafood as well as unique tourism experiences such as shark cage diving,” said Minister Bignell.


Mr. O’Sullivan said the campaign would be released early next year, and it would then be rolled out to key markets including China, Japan, New Zealand, India, North America, the UK and Europe.

Featured Sites in Tourism Australia’s new Coastal and Aquatic experiences campaign:

1. ACT — Lake Burley Griffin and a scenic trip of the Capital

2. NSW — Sydney Harbour and beach / cafe surrounds

3. NT — Katherine Gorge and Indigenous experiences

4. QLD — Relaxing on a sand cay and snorkelling on Great Barrier Reef

5. QLD — Gold Coast beach experience

6. QLD — Whitehaven (The Whitsundays)

7. SA — Kangaroo Island experience including food and wine

8. SA — Swim with dolphins at Glenelg

9. SA — Swimming with sea lions

10. TAS — The Three Capes Track Walking Experience

11. VIC — Helicopter ride over the Twelve Apostles

12. WA — Freemantle, Cottesloe and journey to Rottnest Island

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