Australia’s Worst Airline Steps Up Its Game


Australian airline Tigerair is making an effort to offer an improved flying experience with new uniforms, a new website and improved booking system.

The Virgin Australia-owned airline is also counting on an improved check-in experience, as well as a new in-flight menu and aircraft to appeal to budget-seeking travellers.

Tigerair CEO Rob Sharp claims the new systems will benefit Australian travellers and shake up the industry.

“A tiger can change its stripes,” Sharp said. “We said two years ago that we were going to change Tiger and now we have.”

He added that passengers would not be forced to pay more for the changes.

“One of the first things they’ll notice is an improvement in the website,” Sharp said. “It’s an easier to use website and there’s a lot more transparency around charges.

“And supplementing that, we also have a new call centre, there’s been enhanced training and we have more flexibility to handle demand.”


Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of popular travel rating website, said it was clear to see the positive influence Virgin Australia had on the Tigerair brand and it was good news for Australian travellers overall.

“Virgin Australia has taken the country’s lowest cost airlines and added a touch of class,” Mr Thomas said. “All these initiatives are a big step forward for the customer experience.”

Tigerair also recently stepped into the international arena, with its announcement in August that it’s flying to Indonesia – Bali – one of the most popular international destinations for Aussies.

The move will see Tigerair compete hard with Jetstar on the popular route for budget-conscious leisure travellers.


Since Tigerair’s announcement of the new routes between Bali, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, Virgin Australia has announced it will axe some flights to Bali and Phuket.

It’s the first time Virgin Australia has used Tigerair internationally, and other short-haul routes are expected to be added in the future.

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