South Korea plans test events and Olympic Festival for the 2018 Winter Olympics


South Korea is taking preparation for hosting the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

With the big event coming up, Korea is going to wish ‘good luck’ to the Olympics by holding an ‘Olympic Festival’ event from 4 to 6 February in Gangwon Province’s Gangneung city.

According to a press release published by the Korea Tourism Festival, the event will feature several acts of artistic performances including cultural presentations by the East Asia Inter-Regional Tourism Forum, a ‘World DJ dance festival’, and special performances by K-pop singers. It will be organized in and around Gangneung city’s Dano Park.

In the meantime, the authorities will organize a number of sports events to check if the venues and infrastructure are ready for the Olympics. The events that will be held during February this year are the Freestyle Ski World Cup (from 18 to 20 and 26 to 28 February), the Pyeongchang Bokwang Snowboard World Cup (from 19 to 21 and 25 to 27 February), and the Jeongseon Alpine Ski World Cup (from 6 to 7 February).


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The authorities have also planned for some other events in January and February this year so that the visitors can enjoy the country’s winter culture. The winter festivals going to held during these two months are Jeongseon Icicle Festival (from 15 to 24 January), Daegwallyeong Snow Festival (from 15 January to 10 February), and the PyeongChang Winter Music Festival (from 25 to 28 February).

Tourists interested in joining the Olympic Festival’s opening ceremony on February 4 and the slopestyle final of the snowboard event on February 21 can buy tickets from


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People who want to dig more information about the 2018 Winter Olympics can check out their official website For those who want to know more about ski resorts in Korea can pay a visit to (KTO Sydney’s website).

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