Terrible AirAsia flight has Aussie passengers waited in Bali for long hours


An AirAsia flight gave the Aussie holidayers everything needed to ruin their good holiday memories. The flight left passengers stranded in Bali, not for a luxury break in the middle of the journey but for addressing emergency medical situations.

Flight D7206 took its departure from Kuala Lumpur for the Gold Coast with almost 300 Australia-bound passengers on Monday afternoon, February 15. When the flight was two hours into its journey, a female passenger became sick of serious stomach pain.


Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

The aircraft just crossed Bali at that time. However, it took a U-turn and landed at Ngurah Rai Airport. The flight was resumed after an hour but the plight of the passengers was not over yet. Another emergency medical situation occurred when a man, who recently had a surgery but had the doctor’s clearance to fly, started bleeding.

The aircraft landed on Bali again and the passengers had to disembark there as the flight crew was out of hours. According to News.com, the passengers had to spend $57 for an Indonesian visa though the airline reimbursed it later.


Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

Passengers had to wait for nearly five hours for hotel arrangement. But, no good news was waiting for them on the next day. The Indonesian authorities did not allow the flight to leave because nine passengers did not show up. After waiting for another three and a half hours, the authorities gave them the permission to leave and a new departure time for the flight was set.

The complete situation was nothing less than a fiasco and many discontented passengers vented their anger and frustration on Twitter.

AirAsia was yet to make any comment on the disaster.

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