Environmentalists are concerned about the mega-resort in Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is undoubtedly one of the most ecologically diverse areas not only in Australia but in the world too. Now, the beauty spot and world-famous tourist attraction is going to be the home of the largest resort in the country.

An enormous construction is soon going to stand on the soil of the Great Barrier Reef. The $8 billion worth project will feature a 300-hectre village, a huge artificial lake, a golf course, eight luxury hotel blocks, and many more.

The Queensland government is backing the developers but many are worried about the consequences the project is likely to bring over the fragile and unique natural wonder of the country.


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The government did not approve the project Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort initially because of including a huge casino in the plan. However, the company later removed it from the plan and got the primary approvals. According to Curtis Pitt, the Treasurer of Queensland, the project now has a better chance of getting started.

The first stage construction, worth of approximately $2 billion, could start next year if the project meets all the requirements.

Some critics are saying that a resort of this size and with such facilities in the north of Cairns will not attract tourists and will fail to create enough job opportunities if the casino does not happen. Aquis is also concerned about this matter and their spokesman told news.com.au that they have plan to push forward the casino issue at a later date.

People are concerned that the mega-project could affect the natural environment of the Great Barrier Reef. The Aquis Aware Coalition of Concerned Citizens’ spokesman, Denis Walls, said that it has already become late to show environmental concerns because the company has experts saying that the reef will be protected by engineering.


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People campaigning against the project are also concerned that the mega-resort will turn the city into a gambling hub and invite prostitution and triad in the wake.

Campaigners are trying to protect the reef and rainforest of the region but it seems that no one has enough cards in hands to stop the project.

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