NYC Central Park reopens a secret sanctuary nearly after a century


The authority of the famous Central Park in New York has brought a surprise to its visitors. They have reopened a secret section of the park, which had been closed for almost a century, to the public.

Robert Moses, the NYC Parks Commissioner at the time, closed the Hallett Nature Sanctuary in 1934 with the plan of transforming that section into a bird refuge. The plan had never been executed and the sanctuary had remained out of public sight since the presidency of Roosevelt.

The sanctuary, a four-acre peninsula located near The Pond, again came to the notice of the authority only when the Central Park conservancy began a renovation project in 2001. According to a report published on the CBS News, the project took $40 million U.S. dollar and 15 years to be completed.


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Lack of maintenance and negligence for nearly a century had made the place overrun by weeds. However, the renovation project has brought it back to life with the addition of benches, trails, a rustic fence, and numerous trees. Visitors now can watch exclusive views of the New York City while enjoying a peaceful escape into wild nature. Plus, a mini-sanctuary has been constructed within the sanctuary.

The makeover project has transformed the long-forgotten Hallett Nature Sanctuary into one of the great attractions of the city listed alongside Tavern on the Green, Wollman Rink, and Loeb Boathouse.


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After the opening, New Yorkers have been flocking into the park to make a visit inside the secret section. However, the line is long as only 20 people are allowed inside at a time, and that’s too during the restricted hours.

The Conservancy is committed to take every measure to preserve the pristine condition of the sanctuary.

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