G Adventures announces unique travel destinations for 2017


Aussies have started planning their travel itineraries for next year, and so are the New Zealanders. Tourism New Zealand has already gotten into the game by publishing a list of attractions unheard of before.

So, G Adventures also steps up to show their cards by releasing a list of their top travel hotspots for 2017. The leading small-group adventure tour operator in the world has designed these off-the-beaten-path travel itineraries to get the travellers out of their comfort zone and allow them to establish a more intimate relationship with our beloved planet.

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Let’s take a look at the four travel destinations:


The once fascinating Iran had fallen off the tourist radar years ago. However, the recent political developments and investment in tourism infrastructure have brought its old charm back. G Adventures has stepped up to capitalize on the current situation and launched new tours to discover Persia.


Celebrities are showing their love for this Balkan beauty in recent years, but the place is still surprisingly affordable for the average travellers. G Adventures has launched small group sailing trips there, and their new itinerary will cover the Bay of Kotor – the stunning winding bay of the Adriatic Sea.


G Adventures has launched a new Greenland tour for travellers willing to explore the country in 2017. The 15-day Arctic Highlights will take the tourists to some less travelled parts of the Greenland.

g adventures 2017

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The ‘Stans – Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan

After relaxing visa restrictions in Central Asia, the ‘Stans once again returns to the list of favourite off-the-beaten-track destinations. The 14-day Central Asia Adventure tour will let travellers taking part in homestays with local families and building their yurts (one kind of tent).

To know details about the itineraries and book a trip, visit www.gadventures.com.au.

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