Cayuga predicts new trends in 2017 sustainable luxury travel


Sustainability in travel has become hugely popular in recent years. People have been becoming more and more interested in indulging in intelligent instead of senseless luxury while enjoying their vacations. They are now conscious about travelling more responsibly and reducing their footprint.

The next year is going to be a special year for the sustainable travel because the United Nations (UN) has announced 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. It will be a great opportunity for travel operators and tourism industries to promote their sustainable travel packages and destinations.

The Cayuga Collection has published a press release predicting the trends that are likely to dominate the sustainable travel scenes in 2017. They have made the predications based on the feedback from their guests at their sustainable luxury hotels and lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Cayuga has singled out food, natural adventures, willingness to experience local lifestyle, and wellness among several other factors that are going to rule the sustainable travel industry.


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Today’s people have become more food conscious as they now prefer culinary delights to a fancy dining. Travellers nowadays are more interested in relishing honest local recipes prepared with fresh local ingredients.

According to Cayuga, their guests at the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Resorts looked for the adventures that would allow them having an intimate contact with nature. They like to experience a place in its ‘raw’ state and explore it by themselves.

Travellers are also becoming more and more curious about the lifestyle of local people. According to Cayuga, their guests were more inclined to take part in discussions about preserving wildlife and guided tours by knowledgeable naturalist guides than relaxing on soft lounge chairs beside the pool.


Photo Credit: Cayuga Collection

Cayuga also redefines the definition of wellness, as their guests are no more interested in just laying on a message table in a spa centre. So, they have coined a term Pura Vida Wellness where guests get the chance to connect to all the elements of a Costa Rica vacation experience.

Cayuga also promotes sustainable travel by encouraging guests to reduce their carbon footprint, to choose sensible luxury, and to interact more with people.

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