Mantra Group predicts Cairns to be top performing in 2017


Mantra Group predicts Cairns to be the highest performing market in Australia in 2017. According to the company, the current RevPAR growth of the Queensland city will continue growing in the new calendar year.

Mantra Group is a leading hotel and resort marketer and operator based in Australia.

Bob East, the Chief Executive Officer of Mantra Group, said that the city is experiencing a strong demand for accommodation providers because of the introduction of a number of new flights to the city. To be more precise, Cairns experiences growing occupancies in recent years because of increased number of flights and budget carriers. In addition, the gateway city of Cairns has an active domestic market.


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Mr. East also pointed out the five million passengers that transited through Cairns Airport in 2016. That record number of travellers spawned good business for both Cairns and its nearby holiday destinations such as Port Douglas and Palm Cove.

Luke Moran, the Executive Director of Sales, Revenue, and Distribution of Mantra Group, said that their hotels and resorts in Cairns earned more revenue than the industry average in 2016. They are expecting even a better performance next year, as occupancies are likely to boost in 2017, according to the industry forecast.

Mr. Moran said that Cairns has become the Group’s one of fastest growing destinations. In fact, RevPAR at Mantra’s properties in Cairns experienced a growth of approximately 12% this year.


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Along with Cairns, other Australian cities that are likely to experience a rising occupancy rate in the new calendar year are Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Launceston, Hobart, and Noosa. The Mantra Group are also taking preparation to build new hotels across the country to serve that influx of travellers.

Mr. East said that they would focus on updating their existing properties along with adding new ones to the inventory.

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