Discover Thailand in a new light with G Adventures’ ‘Rediscover Thailand’


Thailand is known for one of the best countries for a wide variety of street food in the world. G Adventures has offered the travellers the chance to taste those finger-licking foods along with trekking into rural hillside villages and exploring the eerie caves in Tham Lod.

The adventure travel company has launched the ‘Rediscover Thailand’ campaign in partnership with the Thai Tourism Authority. The event is for those tourists who want a break from the din and bustle of the beaches of the south and the capital city, Bangkok. It will take the visitors to the less-trodden areas and show them that the country has so much more than just the popular destinations.

Photo Credit: G Adventures

G Adventures’ Managing Director in Australia & New Zealand, Adrian Piotto, said that the campaign would be perfect for those travellers who are willing to get out of their comfort zone and come across a foreign culture.

Mr Piotto hoped that the Kiwi and Aussie travellers who have been looking for something else than just visiting Phuket and attending full moon parties in Thailand would find the new campaign quite fascinating. It will take the visitors to lavish jungles, picturesque islands, and let them enjoy some of the world’s best cuisines, but won’t take them too far away from the busy urban life.

Photo Credit: G Adventures

If you book within May 31, 2017, you will get up to 30% discounts on selected tours in Thailand and a variety of other destinations. The departures for the tours will take place through to December 15, 2017. Visit G Adventures for more information about the itineraries and travel deals.

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