Florence’s mayor devises a clever way to keep off annoying tourists


All the countries and cities welcome tourists because they bring a significant economic boost. However, the mayor of Florence is different in this regard as he wants to send the visitors to packing!

Dario Nardella has devised a clever way to keep away the tourists who don’t respect the decorum of the Renaissance city. Many people lounge around in public places and dirty the place by leaving trash behind. The mayor is going to hose down the favourite picnicking spots with water so that people don’t gather there during lunchtime.

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The steps of the popular churches and the streets in the historic centre of the city will be washed with water so that no one can sit down there and eat their lunch. The steps of the church where the famous sculptor Michelangelo is buried, the Basilica of Santa Croce, will be the first place to get the water treatment.

Mr Nardella made it clear that they had nothing against the tourists as they are the blessing for the city’s economy. Nonetheless, there are some people who don’t have any respect for the historical sites and cultural heritage of the city.

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Mr Nardella thought that making the places wet was a more elegant way than to impose fine to deter people from sitting on the stairs and steps of historic places.

The mayor also made headlines last year by rejecting McDonalds’ proposal to open an outlet in Florence’s famous Piazza del Duomo. The company later sued the city for being discriminatory to private initiatives.

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