Tobu Railway launches a new limited express train


Tobu Railway has launched Revaty, a limited express train vehicle, and its timetable, available for the passengers since April 21 this year. It’s a commuter railway company based in Japan and operates a transport network across Tokyo.

The company has published revised timetables for several routes including TOBU URBAN PARK Line, Nikko Line, Isesaki Line, and TOBU SKYTREE Line. The two other limited express trains started operating with Revaty are Ryomo (Isesaki Line) and Spacia (Nikko Line).

Painted in a champagne beige with a green stripe on the side, Revaty is unique in the sense that it has a number of flexible and easy operation features. The convenience of coupling and decoupling the coaches can take passengers to their destinations without the necessity of transferring at different stops.

Until now, people had to rush a lot for traveling from central Tokyo to neighbouring places during the morning and evening peak hours. The launch of the new express train adds more transport options in those routes.

Furthermore, the new additions have increased the services to areas located outside the busy capital of Japan. You can now visit many areas including the world heritage site Nikko outside the city for sightseeing or commuting at any time – both weekends and weekdays. The train will also run from central Tokyo’s Asakusa to various scenic locations.

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