Kinosaki Onsen will keep you busy with summertime festivals


Kinosaki Onsen, dubbed as the best hot spring town in Japan, offers everyone something more than just spa during the summer months. Visit it in the summer season, and you’ll find a lively city buzzing with activities and festivals.

If you love to watch fireworks, enjoy the spectacular displays from 9 p.m. between July 22 and August 22. It will be held every weekday along the Otani River through Kinosaki town except for August 11-15 during the Obon holiday.

However, there will be a festival every night where visitors can watch games and get the state of local cuisine at food stalls. The performance will take place in the town centre at the Shisho Shrine.

A traditional event called Obon is performed in Japan in the month of August. It’s the time to remember the ancestors but does not involve anything morbid as it sounds. People dance in the streets to the beat of Japanese drumming and celebrate other festivals.

The month-long festivity will be ended with a magical event called the Kinosaki Lantern Festival. You can float a paper lantern down the river with a candle inside and your wish written on it.

In fact, the spa town has a white sand beach too. Take a train from the Kinosaki Station, and you will be at the Takeno Beach 10 minutes later! You can just unwind or swim in the crystal clear water.

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