Gordon River Cruises to launch a ‘quiet’ vessel next year


Gordon River Cruises offers the passengers a unique experience, silent cruising on the River Gordon! Such an escapade has never been available before in Tasmania’s world heritage area.

The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT) has been the owner and operator of the Gordon River Cruises since February 2014. The cruising service is an excellent way to watch the stunning views of the World Heritage Wilderness Area in Strahan from the water.

The new vessel for Gordon River Cruises, which is currently in production, offers a package of enjoying the fascinating wilderness views amid pure tranquillity. The vessel will be running on both electric motors and diesel engines, which means it can use either any one of the two or both.

Such an engine-switching system will allow the vessel to use its full capacity, make the most use of the weather conditions, contribute to fuel efficiency, and reduce carbon footprint. Germany-based company MTU developed this hybrid engine. Currently, only one other vessel uses this technology – a recently launched private yacht.

The vessel from Gordon River Cruises will switch to the electric engine when entering the Gordon River. It will allow the guests in the ship to enjoy the natural beauty without the annoying, loud noise of the diesel engine.

Photo Credit: RACT Destinations

It will be the first commercial passenger vessel to use the electric motor besides having a diesel engine. It will launch in April 2018. You can get more details on Gordon River Cruise.

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