Sightseeing Pass introduces hassle free travel experience to WA visitors


A new online platform has been launched to give a smooth, easy, and hassle-free travelling experience to the people visiting Western Australia (WA).

Sightseeing Pass has brought everything about travelling WA – finding, planning, and booking tours and attractions – at your fingertips. The innovative website has been founded by Lisa and Chad D’Souza, a WA couple that combinedly has 40 years of experience in the tourism industry.

Lisa D’Souza, the Director of the company, said that they launched the website to support both the WA tourism industry and local tourism operators but their main target was to provide simple and easy touring experiences to WA visitors so that they can enjoy some of the incredible destinations across Western Australia.


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Sightseeing Pass is an online e-commerce platform that has partnered with WA’s leading tour operators to make it easy for people to enjoy bundled travel experiences in WA.

A couple of one-stop websites for booking accommodation and flights to WA are currently operating but no website was there to book for sightseeing and touring. The Sightseeing Pass founders stepped up to fill that gap. They have also planned to promote their business via digital marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, and strategic partnerships.


They key advantage of using this service is that travellers will now be able to have the benefit of personalized or customized readymade tours such as sunset camel rides, winery tours, and others, which they previously had to arrange after reading guidebooks and review websites. The platform is likely to be a great connecting hub between the travellers and the local small businesses that do not have the budget to promote their tours to international tourists.

Currently, Sightseeing Pass features popular destinations across Margaret River, Broome, and Perth. However, it has plans to extend its services across Australia and beyond.

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