TripAdvisor ranks Rumba Beach Resort among favourite family holiday resorts


TripAdvisor, the largest travel website in the world, has announced Rumba Beach Resort as one of the most family-friendly holiday resorts in Australia.

A press release from Rumba Beach Resort revealed that it has made to the list of top 25 Family Resorts in Australia. However, such recognition is nothing new for the resort as it is the only Sunshine Coast resort that makes this list three times.


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Bill Darby, the General Manager of Rumba Beach Resort, said that the recognition is more valuable because the list has been made based on reviews and opinions from millions of real travellers around the world. According to him, the resort is “one of only three Sunshine Coast properties to earn this distinction from those who know them best.”

Mr Darby also added that they are very proud of this recognition as it is one of their core targets to get recognised as a family friendly resort. He appreciated the effort of staff members who relentlessly try their best to please the guests with outstanding service and standard accommodation options.


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Rumba Beach Resort has long been very popular among the Aussies as one of the most enjoyable family resorts in the country. Sitting opposite to the Bulcock Beach, the resort offers a peaceful retreat to spend family beachside holiday.

Want to enjoy a classic beachside holiday with your family? Book a room by calling at 07 5492 0555 or visit the Rumba Resort website.

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