Brexit could jeopardise budget travel between the UK and Europe


Britain’s decision about its membership at European Union is likely to affect thousands of Aussie travellers and backpackers travelling across Europe.

If Britain decides to exit EU, which is often shortened as the term Brexit, it will add to the expense of the Europe travellers looking for cheap airfares. The Association of British Travel Agents has published a new report that warns the travellers about possible inflation of airfares of the flights between the UK and Europe following Brexit referendum in June 23.


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According to the report, low-cost operators will receive the hardest blow. Some operators now offer airfare as low as £17 ($AU32) for the flights between the UK and European nations but it is likely to increase if Brexit happens. Additionally, the number of scheduled flights may also decrease.

In fact, David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has already forewarned that the cheap flights between the UK and the EU nations would be among the first casualties if Britain leaves the EU. Mark Tanzer, the ABTA chief executive, also echoed the same words after the publication of the Association of British Travel Agents report.


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Penned by financial services firm Deloitte, the report also alerted that the uncertainties after the Brexit could lead to curb the flow of travel and trade between the UK and mainland Europe.

Representatives of budget carriers Monarch Airlines and EasyJet also apprehended that Brexit could bring a concern for the budget aviation industry.

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