Qantas and Disney.Pixar team up for the screening of ‘Finding Dory’ in Australia


Dory, the hilarious, forgetful blue fish in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, is set to launch another journey into the widely famous Great Barrier Reef, Australia, to entertain visitors across the world.

The new Disney.Pixar movie named ‘Finding Dory’, the sequel to the box-office successful and popular movie ‘Finding Nemo’, will show Dory’s journey from the Great Barrier Reef to the California coast to reunite with her family. The Australian premiere screening of the movie will take place in mid-June and Qantas has partnered with Disney.Pixar for this occasion.

Olivia Wirth, the Executive of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs of Qantas Group, said that the premiere of the movie would hand them a perfect occasion for promoting Australian tourism and making people aware of the importance of protecting the famous Reef.


Image Courtesy: Disney

Mrs Wirth said in a press release from Qantas that her company had planned for a joint promotion aiming to introduce the Reef to the young generation of Australia. Teamed up with Tourism Events Queensland, Qantas Group will run a domestic marketing campaign so that more Australian families come to the premiere and explore the great beauty and diversity of the Reef.

As a part of the campaign, the national carrier will also feature Reef-related video content on its domestic inflight entertainment during June and July, feature artwork based on Dory and the Reef at its Sydney Domestic Terminal, and make the Reef a 16-page cover story in Qantas Spirit of Australia – the carrier’s inflight magazine.


Image Courtesy: W3 Live News

All the charitable contributions during this campaign will directly benefit the Catchment Conservation Alliance, which has been working for the preservation of the Reef. Qantas has been working for the preservation and conservation of the Reef as a part of its long-term relationship with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

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