Airbnb offers floating apartment to spend a night at the Great Barrier Reef


Would you like to spend a night in the den of Dory, the forgetful bluefish in Disney-Pixar’s much-anticipated animated movie Finding Dory? Well, Airbnb offers this opportunity to Dory lovers!

The leading community-driven hospitality company in the world has given the most amazing offer til date. They announced on Friday, June 10, that people could rent an Airbnb bedroom surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef! Wow!

Airbnb also revealed its partnership with Disney-Pixar for promoting Finding Dory – the much-anticipated sequel of the smashing hit animation Finding Nemo – and creating awareness about the maintenance and protection of the Great Barrier Reef – one of most famous natural wonders and the largest living thing on the planet that is even visible from outer space.


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The movie Finding Dory is set at the Great Barrier Reef and the Airbnb floating apartment offers the chance to live amidst the natural wonder. It is set just above the underwater world and scuba divers and snorkelers can use the offshore bedroom as their base.
Guests will be given exclusive insight into the Reef life by the Airbnb host and a dedicated team of marine biologists.

Airbnb involves with this project to keep up their commitment to helping with the Reef’s ongoing preservation. Sam McDonagh, the Australian Country Manager of Airbnb, said that this opportunity of spending one night amidst the Reef would help guests understanding the importance of supporting the preservation of such a special environment.


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Mr McDonagh added that throughout the rest of the year, the accommodation provider company would plant mangroves, wetland, and salt marsh plants for each traveller visiting the region. The company will also lend their support for an ongoing Great Barrier Reef Foundation project that does the tagging of endangered tiger shark species.

The Great Barrier Reef is a coral reef that spreads over 130,000 square miles. It is also a World Heritage Site and the first of its kind to get that status.

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