A bomb threat leaves Queenstown airport partly evacuated


The Queenstown airport in New Zealand was partly evacuated after finding a note in a Qantas airbus threatening a bomb attack. The New Zealand police are still searching for the miscreant who left the note in the plane.

A cleaner found the note, which sparked a major bomb scare, on the plane that flew from Australia to Queensland. It was Qantas’ QF121 flight that came from Sydney and the note was found just before 3pm (1pm AEST) when there were no passengers on board the plane.

Emergency services evacuated the airport after finding the note, which is believed to allude to a bomb on the plane, but flights still took off after 3pm. The police searched the entire airport after the evacuation but did not find any evidence of an explosive on board, in the terminal, or in the baggage of the passengers.


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The New Zealand Herald reported by quoting a spokeswoman for police that they were still looking for the person behind this misconduct. The newspaper earlier reported that police moved the people in the airport nearly 100 metres from the plane and 50 metres from the terminal.

A passenger, who was supposed to fly to Christchurch, told the NZ Herald that the environment is tense and there were fire trucks on the tarmac. Another person, who went to the airport to pick up somebody, said that police moved those who did not have the custom clearance to the runway side of the airport.


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The airport has been reopened after that incident and all the activities are running normally. Jetstar and Virgin Airlines have been running their flights despite the bomb threat.

Qantas will not issue any statement about the incident. The airline company said that they would leave the matter in the hands of the New Zealand police for further investigation and finding out the culprit.

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