Qantas new frequent flyers initiative to benefit new parents


Qantas has launched a parents-friendly initiative that will protect the membership status of those flyers that cannot fly often because of parental leave. This new scheme will spare them from being worried about their frequent flyers benefits while they are taking care of their child at home.

Previously, it was common for frequent flyers of every category – Silver, God, and Platinum – to see their membership status drop when they had to take a break from their frequent flying routine because of raising their newborn.

However, the eligible frequent flyers now can take the advantage of the airline’s latest initiative called the ‘status hold’ from April 12 in order to keep their membership status on hold. Qantas will let new parents to use this opportunity to uphold their membership status for 18 months. During this time, members’ status will not get changed even if they do not earn the credits usually required to retain that tier.


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In addition, the members this time will not be deprived of any of their current tier benefits such as preferred seating options, earning bonus points, lounge access, etc.

Alan Joyce, the Qantas Chief Executive, hosted a reception for travel trade, business and government representatives in Auckland on Monday night, April 11. He said that the new initiative would relieve all new parents of the worries about losing their membership benefits. This initiative will be equally applicable to parents giving birth to their own child or welcoming a foster or adopted child.


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Along with introducing a beneficial initiative for the new parents, Qantas also increased the limit of family transfer points. Previously, one member could transfer maximum 400,000 Qantas Points per year to eligible family members but now a member can make an unlimited number of transfers up to 600,000 points per year.

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