Perth operators ready with attractive packages for the whale watching season


You must visit Western Australia (WA) if whale watching is something that incites your interest. The WA offers one of the longest whale watching seasons in the world and you can get one of the most closest watching experiences in Perth’s coastline.

The WA offers seven months of sensational whale viewing and Perth is probably the best place to watch them from a close distance. In fact, you can see them while standing on the beach if you are lucky enough!

More than 35,000 whales migrate every year in the Southern Hemisphere and this largest whale migration takes place through the Humpback Highway. This trail stretches along the coast of WA and is a part of Perth coastal waters.


Photo Credit: Experience Perth

The Perth coastline is a rest-stop for the humpbacks for the time between September and December. It gives the visitors a great opportunity to watch these giants from a cruise or the beach.

Many Perth travel operators offer attractive whale watching tours at reasonable prices. These 2 to 4 hours trip offer a couple of extra facilities such as special hydrophone to hear the sound of whales, DVDs, commentary, etc. Some operators even offer extra free trip if the paid trip does not yield the sight of whales.

A 2-hour cruise trip normally costs $60 per adult. A range of packages is available at different prices and with different facilities such as free hotel pick up and more. Take a look at Experience Perth to get more information about the tours and packages.


Photo Credit: Western Australia

Noeleen Pearson, the CEO of Experience Perth, watching the annual migration of humpbacks is a huge attraction to both the locals and the visitors. He considered it as a great addition to the diverse range of activities offered by Perth.

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