Exciting Australian spots to hit in 2017


Aussies love travelling, and you’ll find them everywhere from roaming on the streets of Asian countries to revelling in folk fests in Europe. However, the country itself has many attractions, and lots of Aussies rather choose to explore their country instead of taking a big trip abroad.

The following list includes the names of some beautiful Australian travel activities and adventures that can easily go into your bucket list for 2017. Let’s have a look:

Whale Watching at Port Stephens, NSW

Whale watching is growing in popularity year by year. The Port Stephens is an excellent spot to watch the migration journey of humpback whales up and down the east coast of the country. You can watch their northern migration between June and August while the period from September to November is ideal for catching up on their return trip to the south.

The natural harbour located in the Hunter Region also houses 26 golden sandy beaches. Besides, the region is famous for its bottlenose dolphins.

Photo Credit: Amazing Places on Earth

The Sunrise at Uluru, NT

The newly discovered treasure offers a sunrise view the beauty of which cannot be compared with any other places. The dust in the place is the reason behind the sunset’s incredible and glorious colours. Go for a picnic to one of the designated viewing spots there and enjoy the most outstanding sunrise of your life.
Remember to go there in spring or autumn to avoid the extreme temperatures.

Photo Credit: Everything Australia

Quad Biking at Cradle Mountain, TAS

What could be more exciting for exploring the wild beauty of Cradle Mountain? The rugged mountain in Tasmania’s Lake St Clair National Park is just 165km from Hobart. Go there and enjoy the pristine beauty by exploring the Alpine Eucalypt Forest, Myrtle Forest, and other places through quad biking.

Some other destinations that can make into this list are the Gorges at Kimberley Coast, WA; Bowral’s Tulip Season in NSW; Fraser Island in QLD; Sunset at Cable Beach, WA; Bouddi National Park in NSW; and more. All the destinations have good-quality accommodations and restaurants and cafes nearby.

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