Sunshine Coast launches a Jetstar campaign for off-peak season visitors


Sunshine Coast has launched a campaign in collaboration with Jetstar, a Melbourne-based low-cost airline. With the tagline Come to life, the focus of the campaign will be to attract holidayers to Sunshine Coast during the off seasons.

The campaign will run during two periods, from August 3-16 and October 5-18. It will use video, visuals, PR, social media promotion, digital advertising, and ads on print media. Besides, there will be sales fares from Jetstar and competition for people to win a holiday to the Sunshine Coast.

Visit Sunshine Coast’s CEO, Simon Latchford, sees the campaign as a great tool for creating awareness among the potential visitors and increase bookings on Jetstar’s Sunshine Coast and Adelaide services.

Mr Latchford expresses his delight over the partnership with Jetstar Australia and Sunshine Coast Airport. He looks forward to welcoming more South Australians to the peri-urban area in Queensland dotted with surf spots beach resorts, and rural hinterland.

Sunshine Coast Jetstar campaign

Photo Credit: Visit Sunshine Coast

The promotion of the Come to life brand, which was launched earlier in the year, is aligned with the airline’s popular ‘beach sale’ fares. Mr Latchford hopes that people will take advantage of the low-cost direct flight services of Jetstar to fly to the Sunshine Coast and enjoy its fresh local food, natural beauty, and exciting events.

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