Japan promotes Tohoku as an emerging travel destination


It seems that tourists have really been enjoying Japan as the country’s number of international visitors has significantly increased. The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) steps up to capitalize the moment by promoting a new destination – Tohoku.

According to JNTO, 2.7 million tourists from other countries visited Japan in July 2017, marking a 16.8% growth rate compared to July 2016. The most number of visitors came from China while South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong followed gradually.

traveling japan tohoku

While all the attention directs towards popular destinations, Tohoku steps up to take a share by promoting its beautiful landscape and attractions. Sendai, the entry point to the region, is just an hour and a half from Tokyo if you take the bullet train.

The region has still preserved its pristine beauty due to the less gathering of crowds. Except for the winter, you can visit there during any season. The spring offers cherry blossom from April to May, the autumn will wait with the amazing foliage in October, and the summer creates an electric environment with various festivals.

traveling japan tohoku

The main attractions of the region include 10 different types of hot springs, world heritage sites, monasteries, temples, sumo wrestling training grounds, trails for hiking and cycling, and the opportunity to interact with local artisans. The foodies won’t be disappointed too as the Miyagi prefecture has some of the best sushi restaurants in the country and there are also wineries, breweries, and sake distilleries.

There are various options for accommodation and itineraries offered by a number of tour operators. Luxury travellers can visit the Luxury Travel Japan to have all the information for planning a deluxe trip to Tohoku.

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