Bali’s Mount Agung is rumbling with growing tremors


Be careful if you are thinking of a Bali trip within a few days because Mount Agung could erupt at any moment, which is only 75km from the tourist hub of Kuta. The authority has already evacuated more than 34,000 people from that area.

The tremors of the volcano, which has been grumbling since August, have grown in magnitude. According to the disaster mitigation agency in Indonesia, the number of people fleeing their homes near the volcano increased threefold since Friday. There is a possibility that Mount Agung could explode any moment, leaving those staying nearby in danger.

Bali volcano

Photo Credit: The Star

The volcano is located in the highest point on the resort island of Bali. Officials declared the heist alert level on Friday and warned people not to stay within nine kilometres from the crater.

The flight schedules are likely to be disrupted should the volcano erupt. However, no flight schedule was affected until Sunday night at the international airport in Denpasar, the capital of Bali. The airport has already taken preparation for the disaster. The authority keeps trains and buses ready to transport passengers to other hubs.

Photo Credit: Times Live

Bali officials urged the tourists to stay outside the danger zone but confirmed that the rest of the island is safe to stay.

There are 130 volcanoes in Indonesia. The country literally sits on the Ring of Fire, which is a geographical belt of high seismic activity. The recent eruption dated back to 2010 when the Mount Merapi burst with lava and ash and claimed the lives of 350 people. Also, Mount Agung has a history of devastating eruptions.

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