Stirred volcano in Bali disrupts flights


An erupting volcano in Bali ruined the vacation of thousands of tourists and left them stranded. The clouds of smoke have shrouded the sky and forced the airlines to cancel all the flights.

The Bali officials said on Sunday, November 26, that smoke and steam reached as high as thousands of meters into the sky. It happened for the third say in the same week. As a result, the flight schedules have been disrupted and left the tourists stuck there.

Tourists stranded in Bali. (Photo Credit: Telegraph)

At least 15 flights bound to or from Bali on Sunday afternoon were cancelled after Mount Agung sent smoke and ashes almost 4,000 meters into the air in the morning. The volcanology centre of the country has issued a red alert for the airlines.

However, some airlines were still operating and the Ngurah Rai airport was open on Sunday afternoon. Jetstar has also resumed its flight, saying that its senior pilots have found the condition safe to fly in. It announced running 18 flights to and from Bali to Australia and Singapore. Some other carriers that are still operating are Indonesia AirAsia, Garuda, and Batik Air.

Volcano erupts from Mount Agung. (Photo Credit: The Malay Mail Online)

The flight disruptions have affected almost 2,000 passengers, and most of them are from Australia. A spokesman for Ngurah Rai airport said that they had been working for making the airport as comfortable as possible for the stranded passengers. He also added that it was up to the airlines to decide whether to operate, divert, or delay their flights.

The volcano in the Mount Agung came to life in September. It forced more than 140,000 locals to leave the nearby areas since then.

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